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30 years of direct training from CEO level Spirit Tutors allows Alicia to hold a unique role as initiator, knowledge keeper, and mentor to thousands globally.
As a Master Spirit Telepath, she is dedicated to bringing Highest Spirit Intelligence education to humanity.

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Direct knowledge from Higher Dimensions is delivered succinctly. A former journalist Alicia translates spiritual depth into practical tools.

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Learn directly from Senior Spirit Tutors through Alicia Power. Advanced spiritual seeker? Discover speed in awakening, healing and soul empowerment. Recent explorer of metaphysics? Learn simple leverage keys that activate your sleeping-giant power.

Advanced Energy Healer, Alicia describes the worlds of spirit as complex matrices of light. Our subtle energy bodies are pulses of electro-magnetic light software - which are carefully deconstructed and reconstructed under expert supervision from super advanced beings. This is science beyond human reach. Yet it is heartfeltly given as a gift of love and healing.

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From over 40 years as a spiritual teacher, Alicia Power describes the true nature of the soul, how help from spirit actually works, our true soul purpose, and clear insights into everyday personal and global dilemnas. 


30 Years Trained To Hold High Light

The Spirit Worlds are complex..
Alicia has been initiated via direct spirit consciousness training to hold etheric shadow energy away from her subtle field. 30 years of understanding the difference between etheric shadow and etheric light yields true clarity and strength.

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Alternative Realities Of Beauty

BLOG POST By Alicia Power

As I walked along the riverside where I live, my thoughts were taking me up and down paths: my to do list, how to best support someone who reached out, how projects were unfolding….

And suddenly a light gleam caught my eye.
And I decided in that moment to ‘follow’ the beauty.

My spirit tutors had been teaching me in my own mind, to find a stream of joy in a ‘sound meditation’ I practice – and it involved DECIDING to follow and immerse myself into this stream.

So as the gleam caught my eye – I practiced the exact same decision.

I chose to ‘follow’ the beauty of the gleam, and find more gleams of light, more beauty – as I stared out at the sparkly river. 

The blue of the sky, the turquoise of the water, the artistic patterns of foam at its edges, a bird winging past effortlessly in flow, the collaboration of superb colors on this cloudless day. 

The way all the shapes my eyes could see, were somehow a carefully arranged movie set.

Perfectly harmonized – somehow beyond logic.

In this state of love and beauty, I could feel my spirit tutors’ presence – closer. 

They were helping me, drawing me in to the sublime experience. 

It was my choice to follow the stream of beauty – and they, from behind the veil, were also amplifying the love and sensation of joy. Helping me NOTICE it deeper and deeper. 

They wanted me to remember this – to access it regularly. 
They were training me.

This is the path I walk. 

A walk between worlds – that seems natural for all humans. 

A path where communicating and taking gentle love-filled training from advanced spirit guides is an everyday, every moment occurrence.

This life can be a chaotic merry-go-round or a straight path to beauty, empowerment, clarity and real strength.

Having extraordinary beings of love and light mentoring my consciousness is not unique to myself. 

Many people on this planet have similar relationships with their sacred guides in spirit. 

And not for any other purpose but to evolve past reflexes of fear, into… god consciousness while in full empowerment of ‘Self’. 

You too can have this relationship. 

Honestly - just ask inside yourself.

It will begin to reveal itself to you... 

A former journalist and free-lance feature writer, Alicia writes a regular blog of High Intelligence direct-from-spirit soul training. 


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 If you are beginning your journey to hear messages from higher beings of light and love, these tips will ground your skill and give you confidence. 

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How Spirit Guides Teach Self-Love

 In this video Alicia reveals how opening your spirit communication with your guides can evolve your soul to its full potential. And how this forms REAL Self Love beyond everyday life.

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Thank you Alicia!
I am feeling the power of your work and am very excited to have tools for precision in working with the spirit world available to me. I had recently been asking for the highest level energy beings to work with me and that is when I discovered accident.  

After 20 years of spiritual development, nothing has catapolted me faster and further than the profound work with Alicia. 



I felt a clarity and connection, an understanding, that I had not experienced before (in years of spiritual study). 

I "met" a spirit guide during the first recording of yours that I heard and my life has greatly improved since then. I ask him/her 10 times a day to help me find or remember something I can't retrieve due to loss of brain function from a stroke. The correct information usually appears! Now I am taking your advice to ask for more help from more "Tutors". Why not? Maybe one of them will show me the Big Picture of how I can use my "Stroke of Insight" to make a positive difference in the world.