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Creator Being Spirit Tutors Channeled Lecture & Group Healing

1.5 Hr Soul Training And Light Upgrades


from October 16th


This Livestream may be the reason you incarnated into this lifetime.

You will be given a chance to awaken higher.

Each of these 1.5hr deep workshops each month with Creator Beings of High Light, shift our realities higher, bring us into higher dimensions. Within us – and outside of ourselves.

Each time we attend a live (or replay) Livestream workshop with myself and my Senior Spirit Mentors, the Global Light Aggregate lifts into a new realm of higher possibilities.

Light has meaning. It is packed with instructive content.

Light guides, informs, mentors.

The Light we bring through our human auras, during deep processes with these Creator ‘teams’ is used – to LIFT that Global Light Aggregate.

And when NEW information floods these global fields of psychic energy, NEW thoughts strive higher – towards LOVE. Like a candle flame leaping towards the sun….

My Spirit Tutors would like to let you know – that this Livestream will be exponentially powerful. We are at a time that needs intervention – with light, and love.

Bring your heart, your desire to serve – and your fortitude to lift beyond current possibilities. Into a new world.

See you there with me…


Comments From Previous Livestreams

I'm ever so grateful for the healing and the opportunity to help facilitate in this global healing session.

These incredible sessions feel like we are doing the spiritual work that would take lifetimes at light-speed.”

I was touched to tears. Love ...”

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