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Live CEO Spirit Tutors Discourse & Aura Healing - 1.5 Hour Livestream

 June 21st, 9pm ET, 6pm PT, 11am Syd Sat


Join Alicia this weekend for a special once-in-a-while GLOBAL CLEARING…. With Creator Being Spirit Tutors. Alicia’s Senior Spirit Tutors are asking as many participants as possible to join our Livestream this weekend for a special CLEARING EVENT. As these Overseer Beings observe the spirit influences surrounding Mother Earth, they keep a close eye on what is interfering with Light, Truth and Empowerment in these subtle energy fields. And they are saying that throughout this week, there are particularly noxious vibrations descending from levels of the worlds of spirit who don’t prefer to have their shadow influence interrupted by light. There is a fight brewing, and as these Overseer Beings regularly monitor these forces, they would love a group of us to be ready to hold the light – with them! During this key edition of our Monthly Livestream with these Creator Beings, your own Akashic Records will also be loved and healed, your soul history will be scanned for fear and disempowerment, and YOU will receive this UP-levelling of LIGHT also. Would you like to join us? Legions of light beings will be there to support you – and Mother Earth, as well as humanity as a whole. You are welcome, and you will be deeply rejuvenated!  

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