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Live Creator Being Spirit Tutors Discourse & Aura Healing - 1.5 Hour Livestream

 October 2019 Replay 

Topic: LIGHT CHANGES EVERYTHING THIS WEEKEND we are going to fly higher  

Over the last 8 months the worlds of spirit have been lifting light in the background fields surrounding physicality.  

They have been LIFTING, and lifting – and lifting.  

Many changes are taking place on our global stage – people are speaking up showing their clear preference to act - against a backdrop of government inaction.  

Mother Earth’s fragile atmosphere is suddenly a reason for global focus on man-made imbalance in nature.  

Democracy is front of mind against dictatorships, as millions of people vote with their feet in the face of severe repercussions.  

Media is highlighting incompetence, ignorance, greed and gullibility.  

Humanity is facing a crisis of confidence in its leaders, questioning their ethics and their competence.  

The structures of society are being challenged by the virtual world of AI intelligence, controlled by a few privileged communities…  

And ALL this is just the beginning…  

As LIGHT grows in the background quantum fields of physical reality.  

Light shows up incompetency.  

Light brings forward honesty and shines a light on humble honest people who like to speak clearly from the heart.  

Would you like to join me in a powerful session this weekend -where we welcome in MORE HIGHER LIGHT….  

This 1.5hrs with the Creator Beings will leave you lighter and sensing hope.  

At the start of our session, my Creator Being mentors will speak about LIGHT – and how vital it is to create global change for humanity.  

We will also participate in a powerful UPSHIFT of LIGHT, merging even HIGHER light with the light currently mentoring the physical plane.  

Join us as we allow our auric fields to act as conduits for Super Light – and for change.  

 Alicia xxx

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