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Live - Friday, April 16th at 9:00pm US (ET)

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Building New Levels Of Reality Through Resonance

This month my Creator Being Spirit Tutors would like to escort us deep into love… where we explore our preferences.

This is not a light exercise.

The human heart, especially when mentored by a Creator Being, has the capability of instructing vast changes to resonance. And resonance builds realities.

So, as a group, and individually, you will be taken into a moment of deep heart preference.

This has no component of logic attached.

A pure feeling moment, raised by spirit mentors to great heights of light… is a momentous collaboration!

And so, you are invited.

To love.

To feel.

To collaborate.

We will not be alone in this moment of feeling.

YOU will be supported to FEEL loved, and to CHOOSE.

Join me, and let’s change our light building outcomes – globally, personally and etherically.

 See you on the call!

Alicia xxxxx

Comments From Previous Livestreams

I'm ever so grateful for the healing and the opportunity to help facilitate in this global healing session.

These incredible sessions feel like we are doing the spiritual work that would take lifetimes at light-speed.”

I was touched to tears. Love ...”

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