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Live Creator Being Spirit Tutors Discourse & Aura Healing - 1.5 Hour Livestream

 August 16th, REPLAY


This weekend is a GREAT PSYCHIC PORTAL.  

The whole of the month of August each year is often an intense time and this August is equally strong in its light and dark battles: the fight for human HEIGHT OF LIGHT.  

Globally we feel on the edge of a precipice as those with inflamed passions seek to hurt those who are different, in culture and color.  

We may feel our focus is not on the real burden being asked of the human race: to support the life systems of this planet.  

We feel perhaps, that our stewardship of our Earth is under question, and that we are not meeting our potential as a human family – to create a bond of love, of mutual caring and respect.  

This weekend is an opportunity to love – beyond your lifetime.  

It is an opportunity to FEEL loved – by the forces that designed this experiential human plane:  

The Creator Beings who knew this time was coming. And prepared for it.  

And the love we will feel, in this weekend’s LIVESTREAM will remind us – that we ARE eternal.  

That we are here temporarily – to fulfill a mission. To love.  

Beyond our fears and powerlessness.  

To love, so that people around us remember how to love.  

So remembering that we are from beyond this life – is our gateway to AWAKENING to HIGHER LOVE.  

Let’s do this. See you on the Livestream this weekend!  

 Alicia xxx

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